I am a Salvationist by faith and practice. I am committed to the restoration of personal holiness within the Salvation Army. I am married with 4 children, Ben (26) who’s married to Fern, Caitlin (23) married to Mike, Charlotte (14) and Bethany (12). I am a Salvation Army Officer who, together with my wonderful wife Tracey, is leading the Rayleigh Corps, in the South of England.


3 Responses to About

  1. John Parkin says:

    Hi Andrew

    Is it okay to link to your most excellent Sally Army glossary (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/andrew.bale3/armyjarg.htm) in my blog (http://viewfromtheoutskirts.blogspot.com/)? And my wife adds, if you’re updating it, could you add Furlough to the list?


  2. David Wardle says:

    Albert Orsborn was certainly guided by the Spirit when he penned his songs and I find great comfort in his verses, as I do in the Scriptures; I also believe we must be spiritually guided when deciding on human frailities, such as homosexuality and masturbation.

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